Ginger Sisters are back with a new, swinging and energetic show in which they perform songs by some of pop history's greatest female artists in their own unique jazz arrangements. All music is arranged by the group's music director and arranger Mathias Sandberg.

The group was formed in 2014 and consists of Mariah Hortans, Carla Fri and Matilda Ångerman, who sing three-part closed harmony, scat and dance choreographies inspired by authentic jazz, lindy hop, tap dance and street dance.


They are accompanied by a gypsy jazz trio consisting of Mathias Sandberg (guitar), Tomi Kettunen (guitar), and Roger Bäck/Zacharias Holmkvist (double bass).


Ginger Sister's shows have been very well attended and appreciated by both music- and dance enthusiasts and their concert at the Doo-Bop Club was the club's best-selling jazz event during its 20-year history.


Carla Fri is an actress, director, drama instructor, dance teacher, vocalist and musician brought up in Ekenäs and living in Vaasa.

She has studied physical theater at Novia University of Applied Sciences from where she graduated in 2007 and is currently studying to become a vocal teacher at the same educational institution.

Fri is one of the founders of The Ritz Lindyhoppers rf where she teaches lindy hop and authentic jazz.

Mariah Hortans is a jazz singer, educator, composer and arranger living in Vaasa. She completed her vocal teacher degree in 2006 at the Novia University of Applied Siences and after that she also studied at the Complete Vocal Institute and in New York with jazz educators Nancy Marano and Janet Lawson.

Hortans is an active member of The Ritz Lindyhoppers society and has studied tap dance with Venla Sandgren, among others.


Matilda Ångerman is a vocalist from Vaasa. She is currently studying to become a vocal teacher at the Novia University of Applied Sciences in Jakobstad. She continuously participates in various music projects and has participated in several musical theater setups in Ostrobothnia. Ångerman has competed at the national level in street dance and modern dance in groups.


Zacharias Holmkvist


Roger Bäck

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